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Will Reiki help with cancer?

Sadly, cancer affects a lot of people these days but modern medicine is constantly progressing and reiki has proved to be a fantastic complimentary therapy to work alongside cancer treatment.

Studies show that patients who have regular reiki treatments improve quicker, while it relieves symptoms of pain, nausea, depression and improves sleep. Which we know we need plenty of to allow our bodies to heal. In some cases, reiki has slowed the cancer growth. Reiki practitioners are now starting to be employed in the cancer wards to help aid the wellbeing and healing of their patients, while some are performing reiki while the patient is undergoing surgery. Let's not forget the wellbeing of the families and carers of cancer patients, sometimes they are so full of worry for their loved ones or exhausted from trying to hold everything together, reiki can give them the balance and relaxation they also need to keep them strong.

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