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Wild meadows of Godshill

Early rise this morning to enjoy the beauty of the breaking dawn at Godshill.

I wasn't the only one getting an early start. I was meet by braying donkeys as I started my walk. Some were heavily pregnant while others guarded their new born foals. After a short walk through the village I was onto the footpaths of wildflower meadows and unruly hedges.

The rising sun created a hum of activity as the pollinators got to work for another day. It also seems the meadow brown butterflies like to get in before the rush too as the hedges were a wash of them.

Farfetched views were glimpsed through the wild hedge and the chiff chaff sounded glad to be alive with its optimistic call. I know how he feels in the cool air of my early morning stroll where the sweet scent of honeysuckle lingered accompanied by the gentle hum of a busy and wild landscape.

Heading downhill to Folds Farm & Stud partridge dashed across the path ahead and the distinctive call of pheasant could be heard as they came in to land in the pastures. As I walked through the farm, in a heartbeat the scent of horses filled the air and took my back to carefree, younger days.

Out of the farm I wandered along castle hill to sit with a coffee to admire the views over the Avon River.

Swans gentle glided through the water and buzzards circled over head. The gentle murmurs from the grazing cows could be heard and I drifted away for a moment on the rythms of nature.

As the sun was strengthening in the sky I made my way back down the hill and over the stile back into meadows full of swaying grasses and wildflower.

I ran my hands through the soft, tall foliage on my meander and ringlet butterflies wafted into the sky and banded demoiselle fluttered from grass to stream.

Just as the heat started to build I returned to the village to find the donkeys safely guarding my car. What a great start to the day!

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Tuntematon jäsen
16. kesäk. 2023

Ah, sounds lovely. One of my favourite places 💚

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