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Why Journal?

Journaling and doodling, Really, what's the point? To step out of your shadow, And fill yourself with light.

Scribble down your fears, Your worries and your woes, And before you even realise, Your happiness will grow.

Release all these traumas, Just get them out of your head. Write them in your journal, And put your woes to bed.

Inspiration drops in, When you start to clear, Write these down too, Let positives replace fear.

The more the shadow expresses, Through statements doodles and notes, The more you will find yourself, Writing Inspirational quotes.

When the darkness is seen, And acknowledged in your writing. Your journal quickly becomes Creatively inviting.

This is when you find You no longer write from fear, But write creative poetry, About all things you hold dear.

Written by Jen Blaxall.

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