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Walking from Shatterford.

Lovely walk this afternoon at Shatterford.

The skies were moody and the atmosphere humid with the cool wind making it bearable.

Sticking to the paths of the heath I was kept in good company from the swifts flitting and diving over the wetlands, skimming the top of the cotton flower laden marsh.

The views were incredible with the contrasting greens, pinks and whites of the heath draped on the heavy grey backdrop of the sky. Pied wagtails bobbed on the rail of the wooden bridge trying to impress their mates, some more successful than others!

The sound was a combination of stonechats, skylarks and rattling dragonflies in flight, plus the regular passing trains from the nearby track.

It can be hard going in places in the deep, soft, sandy tracks but all worth it to take in the ancient landscape of burial mounds, earthworks and ancient woodland grazed by the commoners stock and the local deer and edged with heathland butterflies.

We are still in ground nesting season so if you decide to take a walk here please stick to the main tracks. 🙏

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