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Vern the Vole

Ready for cuteness overload!!

This is Vern the bank vole that lives in our garden. He, and the rest of his colony give us great entertainment and a delight to watch from the kitchen window on a Saturday afternoon with a glass of wine in hand while them come out and tidy up the bird food. Vern is the warrior of bank voles as he is the bravest, keeps everyone in check and ventures the furthest from the wood pile. You may notice he carries some hefty scars on his side.

They share the wood pile with with wood mice (lets call it a time share) but we have a lot of tawny owls, foxes and buzzards that use our little patch of garden so I will let you come to your own conclusion! Mum if you are reading this, Woody is simply isolating at the moment due to the pandemic!

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