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With a little well needed rain over the past few days the forest this morning was fresh and green once again and the morning dew made the colours of the wildflowers succulent with the sweet scent of honeysuckle hanging in the air. The grazing ponies coats shine as if they have been well groomed in their smooth summer gloss. The cuckoo didn't let me down again as I crossed the heath, he flew low across the scrub and landed on his usual 'calling post.'

With the slightly damp ground, it made my footsteps quiet on the usually crisp, dry path allowing me to go unnoticed by a herd of male fallows bathing in the early morning sun. Showing off their beautiful caramel summer coats embellished with bright white spots and looking very regal wearing their newly grown soft, velvety antler like crowns.

Looks like we are going to be dodging the showers all week, but well needed for nature

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