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The pull of the forest

Yesterday after spending a morning with emails, bookings and organising talks and workshops the pull of the forest was very strong so I pulled on my wellies and filled my flask and wandered across the road into the trees with a head busy of organising and preparation.

As I walked deeper into the woods the beauty of the trees distracted me from my agendas and washed away the busi-ness finding I was suddenly not in my head but feeling my way as the autumnal woodland fed my soul.

I sat on a log for a while and opened my flask as I felt my shoulders drop and found myself breathing deeper. The colours and beauty on this stunning October afternoon was almost overwhelming so just for a moment I closed my eyes and the forest was quietly letting go with me. Just sounds of dropping acorns and the crack of a twig from a deer gently foraging fungi could be heard. A musty smell filled the air and the damp woodland carpet as I held my warm coffee in one hand and caressed the soft moss with the other.

Filled with gratitude, contentment and coffee I took a wander. I had no destination in mind, just a meander through the trees where the forest offered gifts a plenty! This ancient woodland had trees from my ancestors time and fruiting fungi in abundance, along with changing colours and bright green mosses.

I also came across an old metal kettle that had been left in a holly tree so long, the tree has claimed it as his. Although the woodland offered me all these gifts I left empty handed as it had given me more than "things" I left with fulfillment, contentment, clear mind, time out, inspiration and motivation to continue my day at my best 💜

There's a wise saying...

Spend 20 minutes in nature everyday,

Unless you are busy, then spend an hour.

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Sue goodswen
Sue goodswen

What a wise saying, and very true. I love the wrap around the kettle. Nature truly is amazing.🙂

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