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The power of being human.

Rather than chasing a spiritual path and trying to be "open-minded" about the unexplained. Have you ever considered that maybe aliens weren't involved? Or angels might not have bought a person or pet to you? Have you considered that sacred symbols might not create a heighten frequency, or a particular crystal in your pocket may not protect you?

This may be controversial or triggering to some, but have you considered how powerful our "human" is?

In my line of work, I see so many people looking for answers outside themselves and have beliefs they have never tried out for themselves or truth tested, and completely dismissed their magical and powerful abilities as a human.

Don't get me wrong! I completely believe in all these things, as I have had experiences with UFO's, wood nymphs, geometric patterns and the vibration of crystals, and they are great at giving us an insight of what is possible, and can help us on our journey, But MY spiritual path is about showing others how to turn their observations to themselves. After all, if you have had any experiences. Why do you think you were chosen?....

..... I'm sorry to say, having these experiences, doesn't make us "special or gifted or chosen" we all have the ability to see, hear, feel and experience on levels beyond any scientific proof, we just need to know how to tap in to it. Or be in the right vibration to allow it in. But it is the need for validation that restricts our abilities to use our human to its full potential.

Sometimes we look for validation in teachers, gurus and masters. But do you ever question their practices, or words? Or do you regurgitate their words because they say it with such belief?

Something that totally works for them, may not necessarily be right for you. I always encourage people to question my words and my practice of healing and spirituality. This way, the learning and understanding is a two way communication.

Our human body, mind, heart and soul give us every truth detecting alert we would ever need. They give us the ability to move through dimensions and frequency with ease to work with other beings. It allows us to telepathically communicate with animals, trees, stones or any conscious being. It gives us the ability to self heal. The ability to manifest what we want in our lives and to feel into the energy field of others however far away they are.

Weird huh??.... nope! Just human. But at some point in history, we were told it is weird, wrong or dangerous to keep us in a space of fear and control. Question and test everything. See how your body reacts to it and be aware how your intuition heightens. Spend quiet time in nature. Our bodies crave this. This is where we heal, get inspired and start to awaken our true spiritual path. (This is something that has been scientifically proven) it is also where most people have a spiritual experience as they open all their senses in their true, natural environment.

Nature gives us all the answers when realising we ARE nature. We are simply mammals who have been taken out of our natural environment and given lots of distraction and stimulation but our subconscious will never be satisfied and will constantly search outside ourselves for a feeling of completeness if we don't reawaken our true abilities and senses and allow our minds and nervous system to rest amongst the wilds of nature.

Spirituality, in my opinion is about being the best human we can be, and awakening to its full potential.

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