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The ode of a New Forest foal

Mum grazes closely as I play with my friends,

Frolicking and bucking the fun never ends!

I learn what to eat and never to nibble,

And to find brooks of water as they babble.

The shade of the trees amongst the dappled glades,

Keeps me cool on hot summer days.

When the morning sun hits the dewy ground,

Deep in slumber on the grass I am found.

Mum never wanders far from me,

She keeps me safe amongst the 'wild and free.'

My sister and aunty keep an eye on me,

As I get braver and stronger and gallop with glee!

Low tree branches make great scratching posts,

But rolling in dirt is what I love the most.

Once in a while the Landrover comes,

The man checks me over as well as my Mum.

But this is all the human contact thats required,

As the forest supplies all we desire,

Humans, I am happy for you to watch me,

But keep your distance and please take heed.

We don't need strokes, more food or even water.

We simply ask that you are a forest supporter,

By keeping to paths and taking rubbish home,

Don't light fires and take your time on the roads.

The forest is here for us all to enjoy,

So just leave your footprints and take memories home,

Then we can continuously wildly roam,

Free in the landscape of our beautiful home.

Written by Jen Blaxall

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