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The knowles beech, New Forest.

This magnificent beech is not only the largest beech in the New forest but possibly the largest in the UK!

There was no better place to go and sit with a coffee to admire this beautiful part of untouched forest on a sunny winter day. This old girl is starting to tire but her presence is still outstanding. Not far from a very busy carpark I slip off the beaten track into this ancient landscape to spend some time with my old and wise friend. Distant sounds of people on the well used path while I and this majestic queen of the woods go unnoticed. A lesser spotted woodpecker drummed nearby and I felt honoured and privileged to share this moment under the creaking boughs of this woodland wonder 🙏💖🌳

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1 Comment

Sue goodswen
Sue goodswen
Jan 16, 2022

What a beautiful old lady, long may she last!🙂

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