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The Hummingbird hawk moth

The hummingbird hawk moth.

They feed on nectar through their long proboscis while hovering. Their wings beat at such a speed it creates a humming sound!

They are day flying moths and always create excitement when they are spotted in our garden as this one was. What also makes them different from other moths is finding them flying during wet weather as well as very hot weather. They have been recorded flying up to 45°C. These wonderful little "fluffy" moths with beautifully kind eyes (obviously I am not familiar with the scientific description) are a joy to watch in the summer months and are quite abundant now in the second emergence of the season.

If you are lucky enough to see one in your garden, it's good to know they are creatures of habit so there is a good chance, they will return at a similar time the next day.

(Photos by Phil Blaxall)

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