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The abundance of summer

On the summer solstice, we are held between Mother Gaia and Father Sky. Nature shows us her abundance as she blossoms and blooms, and the long, warm day holds us in the light.

Take the opportunity to sit amongst the abundance and kick off your shoes, and feel your hands and feet on the soil. Take some deep breaths, and as you do, breathe in and up from the ground, feel the deep reconnection as nature with Mother Gaia. Breathe out all your agendas, worries, and fears and allow them to be burnt off by the sun.

Just take a few minutes to be in the moment within the energy of the solstice and the full moon. When you feel your nervous system, rest as you continue to breathe in the connection of nature, and you sync your heartbeat with Mother Gaia, and when you feel all your worries, just in this moment burn away, open your eyes and look at the world around you from a new view as you are now filled with the abundance of summer and aligned with the earth, the sun and the moon.

Taking our lessons from the seasons, summer is about abundance to get those projects underway as we fire on all cylinders it's about being creative and surging forward. This is the time to share your authentic ideas that will allow you to shine and blossom. Take the opportunity within the full moon energy to let go of the worries, fears, and agendas that stand in your way and to become the most abundant you.

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