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Thank you for supporting my small business.

I have just updated my website and asking anyone who has used any of my services would you kindly take a moment to leave a comment, so others can find me or help improve what I offer.

Here's what other people had to say..

"Jen changed my life by freeing me from pain. After many consultations and tests the pain was medically unexplained but after just 4 sessions with Jen the pain has permanently disappeared. Jen is gentle and a real empath, she puts you at ease and listens to your needs and fears. I would highly recommend Jen to anyone considering reiki. Thanks Jen Kelly x"
"Joined one of Jen's guided walks last week. What a way to see the forest! She gave us so much time and never felt rushed. Her knowledge of the local area and wildlife is second to none! And she gladly shared it with us, giving a far better understanding about the working forest and the animals that live here. She took us on a route that I would have never found by following a map which gave us the opportunity to walk the 'true' forest as we didn't see another person for miles! Would highly recommend. Not just for the scenery, but for Jen's knowledge, passion and lovely way about her. We will see you again on our next visit Jen x"
"I can highly recommend NFNN reiki for animals. Initially I wondered how receptive my dog would be to this treatment. Last year he had some problems with his lower back but X-rays showed no signs of any skeletal problems . I decided to make an appointment for him to receive reiki from Jen and it was amazing! Just one hour's therapy with her and he was completely pain free and a different dog. I was amazed! Just recently he had had a muscular problem in his leg that kept recurring so I had no hesitation in contacting Jen and after his reiki treatment, yet again he appears to be pain free. My dog loves these sessions, he becomes totally relaxed and sleeps for hour's afterwards!"
"I booked Jen for a private group Nature therapy last week and you may think it is just sitting in the forest, but it is far more profound than that. It had a huge positive effect on the whole group. Jen gently guided us but gave us absolute freedom to create our own space and journey and her knowledge of the wildlife surrounding us on our wander back was the icing on the cake! I would highly recommend you experience it for yourself."
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