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It has been a real time of telepathy just recently, I have had numerous messages this week about people having conversations and sending thoughts to friends and loved ones they haven't seen in an age and HEY PRESTO, there they are! It has also happened to me more than once this week. When enquiring about an old colleague with a friend, and when I went outside there she was! I was also the one whose 'ears were burning' on another occasion.

On an even deeper level, (I won't bore you with the details) but my Mum and I were amazed to discover we had, had the same memory pop into our heads at the same time on the same day! Even though it was something neither of us had thought about for years, I was relaying the experience in an email to someone as an example and my (very intuitive) Mum had tapped into my thoughts.

I thought as the energy is showing us how easy it is to call upon the people needed in our life, we should practice sending good, high vibrational thoughts to one another.

Sit quietly, and be grounded. make sure you are in a place of neutrality and high vibration and from the heart call upon people you want to step back into your life or ask the universal energies to simply send you the appropriate person that you need right now in your life and for your highest good. (Don't forget the highest good, you don't want to invite any old energy in!) Feel your heart open with love as you send good thoughts and wait for the phone call, meeting on your walk or out of the blue invite.

Its good to know this is also the basis of distance healing. After all, its simply about setting a good intention to be sent to a person or a place that needs some high vibrational energy sent their way.

I would love to know your outcome of your practice. 👩‍❤️‍👩

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