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Sunshine and showers.

There are some days like this that I simply love! Today's work allowed me to be outdoors all day in different parts of the forest and with the sunshine and showers the New Forest looked spectacular!

Sloshing through muddy puddles seem less of a task when the bright sunshine is sparkling off the surface and warming my face. Spring is definitely "waiting in the wings" with spring flowers showing their faces to the skies and trees are starting to bud. Frogspawn is abundant and mares are plump with foal. Wandering through the gorse on the sun drenched and puddle saturated heath a red admiral butterfly caught my eye basking on a sun trapped holly bush but took to the sky before I could snap a picture.

I was entertained by a singing woodlark as I watched 2 magpies collect nesting material and take it high into the trees.

This afternoon, I unintentionally disturbed a buzzard from his "plucking post" as I passed a woodland seasonal pond. Looking at what he had left, he was obviously enjoying a fresh toad! I moved on so he could come back and finish his lunch. The kestrel was out hovering high over the heath, I always look out for him on his territory and he hasn't let me down yet! The deer and ponies were enjoying some sun on their damp, thick coated backs and looking very well for this time of year.

Throughout the day, I have got wet, dry, blown off my feet and too hot for my jacket! But one thing that was consistent was the absolute beauty and colour palette of the forest. 💖🌈🌧🌞

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