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Strength in vulnerability PART 2....

In part of my support for Phil over the past few weeks, I haven't managed to get out into the forest as much as I normally would, but today I reconnected with nature.

This morning I went on an incredible walk with the hedgerow yogi

learning about the folklore and medicinal properties of the hedgerow plants outside of the cattle grids. I felt amongst friends, not just the ladies that joined me as we were caught up in Sammie's passion and enthusiasm but the energetics of the plants. When I got home, I felt a little off kilter, but Phil was doing just fine without my help, so off to the woods I go to lose my mind and find my soul!

Deep back within the cattle grids and sitting under my favourite tree in my local woodland, I felt centred once more. I observed the abundance of summer around me as a fallow deer browsed the trees right by me. This is when I knew Mother Gaia had welcomed me back. My sensitivity to the nature around me had switched back on, as the buck was unfazed by my presence. I left a gift of a feather, I had carried since finding it outside my gate and thanked the woodland for welcoming me back as I wandered through with all my senses switched on and absorbing the experience.

The woodland responded with

"I was always here, you never left. You just weren't looking."

So, thank you Mother Gaia for holding space for Phil and I while we weren't looking.

After some nature therapy 🌿, a Nana nap 😴 and Phil improving daily 💖 we are both definitely looking in the right direction once more.

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