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Strength in vulnerability PART 1...

There is only one thing that will take my focus from my connection to nature and my energetic sensitivity and that is my beloved husband. He really is my "other half", and our love for each other runs way beyond this lifetime, and in the past few weeks, he's needed me.

For those of you that know me personally, will know he has recently had major back surgery and thankfully, it was a success. Phil has astounded the surgeon with his unbelievable recovery, but we have a way to go.

In my support for Phil, my focus has been on just me and him, and with my job I am called upon to hold space for others constantly to allow them to find the right and true path for them to heal and more forward with their life purpose. I love my work with nature, energy, animals and people and observing folk connect the dots is heartwarming. But despite my awareness to nature and the energetic shifts and connections, I am also very aware I am human. One of the things we struggle with the most in our human experience is allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. But I did exactly that!

I knew Phil would be my priority the past few weeks so I freely told my clients, I will not be carrying out energy work for the next month. The reason for this, is that I have a responsibility as a practitioner to be grounded, centred and vibing to be able to help others, and I simply didn't feel I had the capacity to do so. Through Phil and I creating a space to be vulnerable together, we have nurtured each other and now coming through the otherside with strength and understanding.

It has made me think about people looking for support from healers, practitioners and teachers, just like me. Quite often when we are searching, its because we feel vulnerable. Whoever you feel drawn to to hold the space for you, please ask lots of questions, and use your discernment. If it doesn't feel right, choose someone else. (Just because they were great for your neighbour, doesn't mean they are right for you.) If they don't give you a very human answers, question them more. As I mentioned before, as practitioners we have a responsibility for our clients and if you are both feeling vulnerable and ungrounded, how is the energy going to shift??

After a day of a huge reconnection to nature as Mother Gaia welcomed me back (more in strength in vulnerability PART 2) and a Nana nap 😴 I am ready to welcome back clients to start booking again for July for energy healing.

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