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Starting to think of Christmas??

Did a reccy of the Christmas walk I'm organising today. Togged up for a cold walk. The gloom of the cold day was brightened by the autumn hues.

The forest was quiet and moody, and the cold was biting at my fingers. Ponies and cattle were gently grazing the heathland with their visible breath rising from their foraging.

As I crossed the open heath, the sun put on a show and suddenly my scarf and gloves were stifling! The sun stayed with me for the rest of the walk back through the quiet and slow-paced village lanes. Robins and sparrows were busying themselves in and out of the berry filled hedgerows and just up ahead a vole scampered across the lane so quickly it could have been mistaken for a wind-up toy! It was a lovely walk joined by the sights, sounds and animals of the forest with not a human to be seen!!

I will keep you posted about the walk when arranged. Once I have added in the mince pie and coffee stop! Hope some of you can join me? (Christmas jumpers optional!) 🎅 #guidedwalks #autumnhues #glovesandscarves #tistheseasontobejolly #mincepies #christmasjumper #nfnatureandnurture

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