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September magic

Walking the tight rope between two seasons,

Autumn is strengthening as summer weakens,

Sun still dapples the leafy green forest,

While the fruit laden boughs are ready to forage.

Bats still fly and reptiles bask,

But warmer drinks are filling my flask.

The heathland warms in the mid-day sun,

But offers a chill as the shorter day is done.

Evenings draw darker, and the mornings wake later,

In the last few weeks to collect the butterfly data.

Dragonflies rattle along water mint streams,

And visitors leave with their New Forest dreams.

Autumn is coming the change can be felt,

The berries and bonfires can almost be smelt.

Fungi is fruiting and it's so good to remember,

The best month for change and abundance is always September.

(Written by Jen Blaxall. Photo by Roz Tucker)

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