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September autumn evening. 

A stunning evening for a walk. The sun washed mother natures autumn coloured palette in gold. The colours of the evening were bright and bold. Not a breathe of breeze, which make the heath quiet apart from the whinnying pony in the distant. She caught my eye as her glistening coat reflected the sunlight while she trotted through the purple carpet of heather. Stonechats and pippits flew out of the foliage with the disturbing hooves.

The air smelt clean and it felt easy to breathe in the sweet air, beautiful colours and golden light that only exists on a September autumn evening. I could hear a green woodpecker ahead on the path. When it was aware of my presence it set off on its familiar dipping and rising flight across the gorse. I watched it until my eyes were distracted by more movement amongst the heather. This time is was the skipping and bouncing of 3 fallows, heading hurriedly in a similar direction to the pony. I like to think there is a "heathland social" going on somewhere?? When changing direction and walking into the low evening sun, it changed my prospective from bright, bold colours to silhouettes through squinting eyes where I noticed spiders webs intricately weaved through gorse and ponies and cattle quietly roaming through the foliage. When I returned to the car, I turned my back to the sun to take the view in one more time before heading home and if my walk couldn't become any more special, a kestrel was hovering close to the carpark before nose diving into the dense purple carpet. I'll sleep well tonight!

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