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Roe deer in the New Forest.

The roe deer are in their rutting season now. These small (and in my opinion) most beautiful native deer are mostly found on their own. Unlike other deer who like to wander in herds they live a solitary life only pairing up to breed. The males (bucks) and females (does) mate many times with different partners through the season which normally runs through July and August, but the does delay implantation of the fertilised egg until January this is so they don't give birth to their young during the harsh, cold months as once implantation takes place the gestation period is only 5 months.

These beautiful little deer are quite brave and will stand and watch you longer than the herd deer before bouncing away. Other than the obvious 3 point antler worn by the bucks, they can be also recognised as they flee as the bucks have a kidney shaped white rump and the does white rump is heart shaped ❤

(Photo by Roz Tucker)

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