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Preparing for March

Celandine yellow bursts and budding blooms materialise,

while sap deep from the tree roots starts to slowly rise.

Birds prepare for nesting in blackthorn blossom hedges,

And hares box and bound the farms open pastures.

Ramson-filled woodlands start to offer the scent of garlic,

Where badgers play and bundle which in March is symbolic.

Of spring creeping closer as the bats emerge from the dusk,

And after work strolls in the light (but still only just!)

The sun starts its day earlier but not quite warm,

Still jumper-clad walks when I wander out at dawn.

But as the sun hits the ground creating sunny glades,

The skylark sings and reptiles come out to warm from the shades.

March is just beginning,

Full of hope, preparation and preening,

But with the later arrival of Ostara she brings,

New life. warmth and joyful awakenings.

Written by Jen Blaxall

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