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Precipitation participation

What a stunning walk this morning, the humidity was high from early morning and hung in the air as mist with its taunts of imminent rain.

My walk started from Rufus stone and I tried to convince myself I was admiring the imposing oak tree (but just getting my breath back from the uphill hike.)

Continuing into the dry, yellowing forest it could be mistaken for late September rather than middle August with the patchwork colour of bracken and the birch leaves changing golden.

Ponies foraged amongst the textured landscape and cattle wandered the bracken. This grassy and dusty footpath was lined with fruit-laden trees; crab apples in abundance and rowan berries offering another pop of colour to the dry and humid view.

Crossing the road to Stoney Cross Aerodrome the fallow bucks were happily grazing and fearless of the nearby activity of the campsite. Its hard to think it won't be long before they are locking antlers as they graze so attentively together.

True to form in the short space of time I spent walking across the aerodrome the resident red kite and male kestrel put on a display. the Kite, aerobatic in its flight and the kestrel graceful in its hovering. Shetland ponies were hanging out near the carparks as usual in hope of a handout (naughty ponies) and the sky was darkening as I approached the inclosure.

As if by magic, I stepped into the trees and the heavens opened. FINALLY SOME RAIN!!!! I along with every living thing in the forest turned my face to the sky in gratitude.

"Hello old friend, we have been waiting for you."

It wasn't long before I was soaked through to the skin but it felt such a blessing in the warmth of the morning and months of no precipitation. The air became musky and earthy in the long awaited petrichor scent and the birds started to sing with joy! My footsteps quietened as the dust dampened down and the rain felt welcoming on my bare arms.

It felt like the woodland around me on my lightened step back to the car did a big sigh of relief and released all its beautiful aromas, colours and stood a little taller.

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