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New Forest wanders

What a stunning and crisp day to lose myself amongst the trees, wrapped up and hot coffee in flask I went for a walk with no particular route or destination in mind.

I felt the need to be embraced by the forest and the sparkling jewels of Mother Nature enticed me in.

A handful of autumn leaves still clinging to the branches and shimmered in the sunlight as I crunched through the frosty grass where fallen leaves embossed the landscape with their frozen edges glistening silver and diamond white.

The forest was silent with not a whisper of wind just allowing the full colours sparkle in the sun with such beauty to stand alone with no fuss, As I meandered aimlessly through the trees just allowing the sunny clearings, mossy boughs or ancient beech be my next destination I allowed the forest to consume me and my thoughts.

Wandering out onto the grassy rides I was joined by robins and redwings and tiptoed past ponies who were snoozing in the sunny glades.

I found an inviting log on the edge of the woods drenched in sunlight where I opened my flask and watched the blue tits forage the forest floor, grateful for this moment I thought to myself how lovely it would be to get some shots of deer in the woods...

And the Universe responded! As I sat warming my hands round my coffee I heard gentle steps through the trees and a fallow buck appeared with two hinds grazing the carpet of fallen foliage. They noticed me as I smiled at then and quietly roamed out of sight. What a morning, what a blessing, what a forest!!

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