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New forest guided walks

Thank you Wendy and Ann for joining me on a walk this morning with your gorgeous dog, Bunny!

After yesterday's rain the morning started with a beautiful fresh smell to the air and a perfect day for walking. The cuckoo was calling in the distant while we took in the view of Shappen hill over the forest and open heath before dropping down to greenberry bridge on the old railway line where people were taking advantage of the perfect weather for walking and cycling. When the scenery changed from open heath to a cover of willow and beech along the path we were ready for refreshment and The Old Station Tea Rooms was in sight!

Once we were fully replenished we wondered back to Holmsley ridge via the damp wood between the river and viaduct which was lit up with the bright yellow of marsh marigolds and meadow buttercups. Once out on the open of the ridge once again the atmosphere became heavy and dense with the humidity and it seemed all the wildlife was silenced with the pressure apart from the stonechats defending their territories. Whilst taking in the views of Durhill and Whitten pond from the high ridge the green landscape was suddenly broken by a bright yellow brimstone butterfly flying through the heather. Then we wondered down the hill where the cows were lying in the heather and the ponies were snoozing in front of the pond and a last little delight spotted by Ann; a small copper butterfly as we headed to the carpark. A lovely walk with good company, no other way to spend a Sunday morning 💚

#guidedwalks #Burley #butterflies #stationtearoom #newforestnatureandnurture

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