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Natures Medicine.

Feeling a little under the weather this morning there was only one thing for it to make me feel well and that was a trip into the trees.

I meandered amongst the wildness of Lucy Hill with the smell of pine where the resin is released on this grey, drizzly morning. Chaffinches tussled and chased in the skies as they are starting to feel the urge to breed and a blackbird sung his beautiful melody to lift my spirit. Heading out into the heath it is still squidgy underfoot but the trees are budding and the gorse is flowering where ponies were carefully nibbling. Deer grazed the open heath in the distance and the sound of the drumming woodpecker made me stop for a moment just to take it all in. Suddenly the grey and dreary landscape seemed bright and abundant.

Crossing the road into South Oakley inclosure it almost seemed ghostly in the still and drizzly wood of mixed trees, but the recent management in these woods will soon have it filled with life and sunshine.

The chorus in these woods have changed from blackbird to song thrush but just as delightful! Recently felled logs were pleasing to the eye in their neatly stacked state still covered in moss. I can't help but look between the gaps to see who is sheltering there before reaching the bench near Burley rails cottage and Wilfs Cabin

I thought it was a great place to sit amongst the trees and drink my coffee. The song thrush joined me once again as I sat silently in the woods, coffee in hand and love in my heart for this moment.

Coming back to my day and finishing my coffee I passed the cottage and everytime I do so, I imagine Phil and I living deep in the woods just like this. In my daydream state I made my way through Burley outer rails and back to the road before a change of habitat and atmosphere once again. The small roadside woodland of Undersley is full of ancient trees and gnarly features.

Moss covered boughs of fallen trees and old fungi holding on in this untouched woodland. Feeling tired and ready to head back with my heady and swollen throat feeling I took a moment to sit under and within the wise and embracing feeling of the ancient oak. I tuned into the drumming woodpeckers from the south will the drizzle gently dampened my hair from the west. A frantically calling Goshawk could be heard in the North as I sat with my old friend facing East. I was exactly where I needed to be.

Home now, writing this with a hot honey and lemon and a heart full of wellness from my morning in the forest. If you would like to join me for this lovely walk see the link below. I would love you to come along.

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Unknown member
Feb 21, 2023

I Hope you soon feel lots better, thanks to the trees and the hot lemon xx

Unknown member
Feb 21, 2023
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