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Nature reclaiming land in the New Forest.

Early morning walk at Stoney Cross to make the most of today's beautiful weather.

Our first gift of the morning was to witness the liberation of racing pigeons from the carpark. Watching them swoop out of the truck and murmurate in the sky finding their inner compass and heading exactly on course so we were told. Nature is so amazingly clever!!

After the excitement, we wandered along the old aerodrome that nature has reclaimed in more recent times admiring the yellows of buttercups, dandelions and dwarf gorse peppering the vast grassland where the fallows were quietly grazing true to form, once the Ocknell campsite opens the deer come out into the open land to graze and snooze in the early morning light. Donkeys were braying in the distant and ponies were grazing and stomping those back feet to the annoyance of them we are now in crab fly season (which I'm sure all the horse riders amongst us are very aware of!)

The big skies and calling cuckoos make the walk somehow even more majestic as we stood and watched the Canada geese fly in to land for a days grazing and the resident kestrel hovered above before heading home for breakfast and a day pottering in the garden


I am taking this walk on Sunday 13th June if you want to come along and admire it for yourself, you are very welcome. 😁 see the link below for more details 👇

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