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Nature is stirring

After a morning of gving energy healing, there was no better way to feel re-grounded and revitalised by a wander in the woodland.

As we creep towards the end of January with imbolc insight, it feels like nature is stirring from her very deep sleep and now rousing into a deep, healing doze. Her shift in awareness and breath starts to show very small signs of awakening as hazel catkins gently shimmered against the bright blue sky.

Nuthatches and great tits were calling and I could hear the descending call of a woodlark nearby.

I mindfully trod amongst the moss-laden trees and ferns and basked in the stillness of the woodland with the sun on my face and joy in my heart as I listened to the enchanted call of birds.

A roe deer bounced through the woods. If I blinked, I would have missed it, but it sent an eruption of wood pigeons into the canopies as they were disturbed from their woodland floor foraging, but the sudden "upward whoosh" didn't faze the red admiral butterfly who had been awoken by the pocket of sun and was basking high in the tree.

Winter is far from grey, it is full of twisted boughs, textures, and shades of vibrant greens and muted reds. It also fills me with awe, wonder and fulfilment with every step deeper into the wilderness.

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