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Manifestation and the power of words.

I am manifesting like a boss right now (although, still working on the big one, but it's coming!)

If you are struggling with manifesting, I just want to share something with you..

... Back in October while attending a workshop, I had a conversation about how my manifesting skills are quite good, but when it comes to money it's just not happening for me. And as I was speaking of my experience I had a moment of huge realisation as these words spilled from my lips.

"It's not that I want millions, I just want enough to get by comfortably."

In that moment, I nearly choked on the words. As I realised, all I had been doing is getting by on 'just enough!!' And worse than that, I was the one who had manifested it!!

I now ask for financial freedom from my own success and suddenly more clients are finding me, more business opportunities are coming my way, simply by changing the narrative. Being an energy sensitive, and trying to understand fully, I told myself the old belief of 'just needing enough to get by' to see how it felt in my body. It felt flat and quite dense as I spoke the words. Compared to asking for financial freedom through my own success, which sets up a vibration from my heart, and it felt light and limitless.

This is why we have to be so careful with our words. As we speak, every word has a vibration in our body and manifestation works on a like for like vibration. Abundance, freedom, peace, love, prosperity, wealth, health. These all have a high vibrational energy with a feeling of lightness and limitless joy. Try saying these words out loud to see where and what it feels like in your body, then compare it to words of enough, can't, if only, but, and even 'I wish'.

These words feel a little flat and dense or limiting in your body and feel the same as having a feeling of being, lacking, limited, stuck, poor, alone, or sick.

Start to notice how the things you tell yourself feel and start dropping or shifting the narrative that feels heavy. You will suddenly find your communication with self and others are much more joyful, light, inspiring and creative, which in turn will manifest high vibrational energy of abundance, freedom, health, wealth, love and prosperity.

It's good to remember, words are powerful. That's why it is called SPELL-ing.

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