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Living in the moment 

been a busy week, but this is what makes all the craziness slip away! Heading out at 7am the sun was already warm and the ponies were quietly grazing the heath in the gentle warm breeze. Whilst walking with our old girl Jack Russell at Stoney cross the deer were lying in the sun, ears twitching and tails swishing to remove the irritations. New life where ever you look. Foals from hours old to the ones that are brave enough to try out their top speed.

We took advantage of the dry ground and lack of people and laid on the grass for some cloud gazing and a cup of tea while the dogs took in all the important sniffs of the surrounding shrubs. The gentle aroma of gorse flower and pony breath on the breeze added to the delight of the moment.

It seemed the dogs were taking in the calmness of the morning too as Banjo stubbornly sat and refused to go home.

Once I had promised her my husband was to take our old girl home in the car and we will walk, she bounced into action! The views from Acres Down over to the isle of wight were so clear in the morning sun and the heaths were embossed with pops of colour from the newly flowering thistles.

A brave calf wondered over to say hi. I passed the time of day with my new inquisitive friend and kept walking, not to encourage it over.

As we dropped down into the coolness of the trees it was 'a hum' with pollinators and flashes of speckled wood butterflies dancing amongst the high dappled glades while song thrushes and blackbirds were trying to 'out sing' one another using the distant cuckoo as their backing vocal. A feast for all the senses! The busy week washed away to make room for love and appreciation of where I am today.

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