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Knowlton Church and Earthworks

On our way home from elsewhere, me and my husband stopped at Knowlton Church & Earthworks.

I haven't been here for a while and with the wind starting to whip up, I thought it was a great time to go and embrace some of its energy. But I was disappointed 😞

I can only speak from the heart, because that is all I know how to do, but the energy was so heavy there. I wandered round the ruin walls of this stunning monument in the landscape and felt into the good intentions of the old etchings.

But standing within the walls, it felt heavy, depleted and empty.

I battled the elements to wander the earthworks to see if this felt the same and the flapping of ribbons and plastic tied to the yew tree caught my eye. Suddenly, I felt the same as the ruins.

What happened to offerings of corn dolly's, stones, herbs and flowers? Why do we need to litter these places with physical and energetic rubbish?

With a heavy heart, I continued my battle around the small earthworks and found one small vortex of light and positive energy. I had a moment of hope and as I felt into it, I pushed it out to the rest of the site.

I stood inside the yew and shared it with this old broken soul and I spread it into all the corners of the ruins.

Just as I was sending this special place my gratitude and turned to head to the warmth of the car, it gifted me another hagstone to add to our collection. 🙏

When working with energy, don't ever forget the land ❤️

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