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Keeping the right spiritual balance.

Quite often people will spend too much of their time in the world of spirituality. Guided by tools that evoke energies and looking for spiritual messages in everything they experience. Making decisions through guides and gurus and detaching themselves from their human experience.

This is often true for people who have suffered some sort of trauma or experience that they prefer not to look at and heal from the human perspective, but going through pain, experience, grief, healing and growth is what humans do. Clearing and healing these pains from a human experience, often lead to a healthy spiritual path as we realise how strong, wonderous and powerful this experience is.

On the flip side. If we stay caught up in the human existence and work the 9-5 job, watch the recommended popular TV shows, buy the products that "shout the loudest", see money, nice car, good clothes and large mortgage as success, without ever asking why? Or is there more?

Your body will be energetically screaming at you to feed your soul, and the more you miss the signs, it will try to get your attention another way, via illness, anxiety, addiction or physical pain.

We are humans having a spiritual experience and spirit having a human experience. Don't bypass your pain by living a life of woo woo or try to heal your mental or physical problem by distracting yourself with over stimulation and noise.

Come and have a conversation about getting the right balance.

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