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It's all about perception.

How many of you secretly scroll though spiritual pages? Or don't tell your friends about the little rituals you perform at home for the fear of being 'weird!'

Or how many of you are intrigued but fearful of the spiritual world as it doesn't sit well with your beliefs and religion?

How about if we removed the label of spirituality and all that goes along with it, would it still be unexceptable?

For example... is meditation different from worship?

They both quiet the mind, and set an intention .

Is sound therapy different from singing hymns?

They both heighten the collective vibration and create an energy shift in a place where people come together to feel better.

Is ritual different from beliefs?

They both are used as a bridge to focus the intention.

Is prayer different from healing?

They both set an intention to improve a situation, health or wellbeing of the participant or others to shift energy and make space to heal.

Is church different from nature?

They are both places that people like to go to, to feel a deeper connection and show gratitude to their beliefs.

Is sacred drumming different to a choir?

They both induce a vibration that your body recognises and associates with good vibration and joy.

Still sound weird??

We all have the ability to be in touch with our intuition and to be guided on the right path, whether your guide is your spirit team, angels, God or the universal energy we are all evolving and deepening our connection to source, its simply about perspective! Let's stop making spirituality or religion weird and let's start sharing experiences 🙏💜

Come and share your perception at an evening of conversation see link below 👇

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