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Intentions of a Reiki practitioner. 

Every Reiki master has their own beliefs about how they practice and I don't think there is a wrong or a right way. Reiki is about intention and intuition and we all experience these differently. Some believe permission should be asked to send distant healing. Whereas I see it no differently to thinking nice thoughts about someone, do you phone someone to ask them if it is okay to do this?..... .....highly unlikely! But when sending distant healing without informing the recipient, I ask that any unwanted Reiki energy goes to whatever, or whoever needs it for their highest good. Then it is the subconscious choice of the recipient if they would like to receive it. If they don't, the energy will not get wasted. When working on a client, some practitioners use mantras, prayers, Crystal's. These are all powerful tools, if they suit you.... but Reiki is beautifully simple and powerful just on it's own! In my practice I ask for the aid of my spirit tribe and the guides and angels of the recipient then simply use the necessary energies intuitively....... .......... Simple, powerful and effective.

The other difference I see amongst energy workers is how they describe themselves. Are you a healer? Or light worker? Or practitioner? We all do amazing work and I for one am very proud to call myself a practitioner. Personally, I have never been comfortable with calling myself a healer. As a reiki master/teacher I am fully aware I am simply a vessel for the energy. The only healer is the recipient as the reiki energy allows them the space and energy to start the self healing process. However you use it and however you describe yourself, know that you are doing it right because how can your intention for the highest good ever be wrong? 💜

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