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I don't think I fit in?

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I have been seriously thinking about putting my spiritual guidance back in its box. Let me explain why...

The world seems to have gone a little crazy woo-woo land and I feel like I have been saying in a room full of people "you are looking the wrong way!" and nobody is listening. I always knew growing up, that I perceived the world differently to most and spent many years feeling like I didn't fit in. I kept my sharp intuition under the radar until I realised I don't like to be restricted by a life others think I should live and bravely stepped into my truth and expressed it through New Forest Nature and Nurture. I love my job, I love helping others, I love my deep connection with Mother Nature and I love, love, love it when the lightbulb switches on for others when they bravely step into their truth. But just recently I have observed the land of woo woo move ever further from the truth, and I am once again starting to get that feeling that I don't fit in. It's a world of rituals, boundaries. and conditions, where people are offering to fix you, while asking their tools of pendulums and cards and dressing like fairies or witches within the safety of their coven or level 3 healers. All while trusting what spirit tells them (that spirit will often hold the same knowledge and opinions as when they were walking this earth.) Why do you not question their message?

Meditate, meditate, meditate!! Yeah, meditation is great for quieting the mind, but is it feeding your soul?? We planned our experience here on planet earth, but most of us are not experiencing it, because we are looking to other realms of light and probably where we have already had an existence before, for the answers on how to live an enlightened and authentic life here. It's like planning to go on a roller coaster. You know it is going to be exhilarating, a bit frightening, the adrenaline will race and you will probably feel a little sick! So, before stepping foot onto it, you already have some knowledge of what to expect, but it's not until you experience it that you anchor the learning, sensation, and understanding into your body that you are able to guide others on that experience.  

Stop looking up, stop looking out, stop looking to others for the answers to YOUR truth. Just simply, stop. All we need is stillness. Not in meditation, not on your phone, not with your earbuds in and listening to positive affirmations. Just stillness in nature. You see, Mother Gaia is the connection for us to plug into our all knowing truth, and our realisation that we are made up of universal dust, water, and fire from the sun. We are made up of every other conscious being who has walked this land before us, that had lived an existence and an experience, it died and withered into the ether ready to shift in patterns, vibrations and molecules to create you. Nature presents us with everything we need to survive. We can tap into the wisdom, memories and experiences of our ancestors and  all those conscious beings that lived and walked the land who then died and made us, I hold their memories, and can unveil them from my soul. simply within the stillness of nature. This is the experience we are here to learn and understand, this is where we heal our bodies and heighten our intuition. As Mother Nature allows us time to digest the experience.

 If you have been to a really inspiring workshop or a profound healing session, go and sit in nature, allow what you have consumed to digest, don't book on another session for the same afternoon or even the next day, you won't feel nourished and just like sugar, you will end up craving more. Mother Nature has cycles herself of consuming, blossoming and digesting through the seasons, and we do the same for our bodies. So fill your soul with the nourishing stuff it needs, and that is the human experience with a deep spiritual connection to the land we walk, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the fire we create, while still being connected to source and keeping a clear channel for guidance rather than teaching, and not the sugar hit of woo woo spiritual bypassing that leaves you feeling good for a while, before feeling empty, tired and unbalanced and in search of the next trip! 

I mentioned that I once again have that feeling of not fitting in, but this time it's different. This time it is empowering, it is authentic, I am standing in my own power, following my own tribe, navigating life through my own experiences and sharp intuition, while the need for identity slips away. So, for those few people that heard my voice in that room full of people. Stop looking away. What you have been searching for is all here in the stillness of nature. 

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