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Honouring the Summer Solstice

I am sure many of you will be honouring the Summer solstice.

But remember you don't have to be at a henge with a powerful leyline or be with gatherings of people. It is simply about showing gratitude to the universal energies and, particularly the sun on the longest day of the year.

So go to your favourite place in nature and take time to "just be" have gratitude as none of the lush, beautiful and blossoming landscape you are sitting amongst would exist without the sun.... and breathe it in.

Although, going to places like Stonehedge, Avebury or Knowlton is very powerful to some, I like to have some quiet time in the woodland to honour the turning wheel. After all there is a reason why you are drawn to your favourite place. There is something there you need energetically.

Where ever you decide to spend your time within the solstice energy, don't forget to send healing to the landscape and allow Mother Nature to heighten her vibration and rebalance along with you as she feels your gratitude and love. Especially so, If you do spend time at one of the powerful henge. The lands are feeling tired and raped of their power due to the energetic footfall within their lines. They don't need ribbons or notes left for them, just simply your love and gratitude and as you take your gentle wander from your site of meditation and contemplation nature will offer you its love in return

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