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Happy New year!

I hope you all enjoy seeing in the New year, however you choose. I will be tucked up in bed, but my tradition is to be up and out at first light on New year's day. I enjoy the silence of nature as I welcome the turning of the wheel.

I want to take a moment to say a huge thank you for your support this year. In the last week I have been reflecting on the past year and preparing for the new. During 2023 I have achieved some stepping out of my comfort zone moments, but looking back, I am so pleased I did. I have met some inspiring people, made new friends and developed some popular workshops and talks where I have learned as much as the participants. At the beginning of the year, I was so nervous about "putting myself out there" but I am so pleased I did! The business has organically evolved in a way I didn't expect and now, I enjoy the workshops and get excited about the people I will meet and what there is to learn for me and them this time in a space of shared energy and curiosity.

The guided walks have been a constant through my years of evolving New Forest Nature and Nurture and I still love sharing the forest with you all as much as I did the first time. Everybody is welcome on the walks, we don't go at any great pace. It is more about the connection with the land, nature and history, so there is always something to stop and look at, discuss and share. Oh, and always a tearoom or pub at the end! I get a kick out of seeing everyone get exactly what they need from the walks. Whether that is a better understanding of the forest, learn new walking routes, nature spotting, photography, making friends, or just taking time out for yourself. Thank you all for joining me and taking just what you need from my collaboration with nature, and returning for more time and time again!

It's been an honour and very humbling to help people and animals with energy healing and nature therapy. You have had the courage to see a change needs to happen and reached out. I have simply, energetically held your hand and gently nudged you to find your own right path to healing. You have been the inspiration behind what I teach in my workshops as I have watched you take back your power and find your authentic path of happiness.

2024, is about more of the same and evolving once more. Some more "stepping out of my comfort zone" moments! (It's scary, but how else would we evolve?) The next year is about huge manifestations, some exciting collaborations and reaching others globally. And I am excited for all of it!

If your New Year resolution is to take some more time for self care, join a group, deepen your spiritual awareness, learn more about nature or simply meet new people, you would be made very welcome if you wanted to dip your toe into the New Forest Nature and Nurture community and I'd love to meet you. But first... there are still mince pies left in the cupboard and sweets to stuff. There is still bubbles in the fridge, so go and enjoy the last over indulgent day of the year, and I will just leave this link here for you to scroll while nursing the big blow out! 😉

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