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Happy Litha!

The summer solstice 2021 is about new beginnings and the start of the summer season which we all need in these difficult times. Its a good time to get creative or to sort out those issues that have been bothering you emotionally. As well as the solstice, Mercury is in retrograde and we are still feeling the effects of the solar eclipse, so wear blue to keep you balanced during these crazy energy shifts and use this time to make preparation for your new beginning, but don't make any big jumps just yet wait until the end of the retrograde after Tuesday.

The solstice should be celebrated in any way you wish, but let's all be grateful for the power of the sun right now and the life and abundance of nature it provides us with. The summer solstice is all about the perfect balance between light and dark, and as a human who is created by stardust and my ancestors, to be born by the solstice sunrise, I for one will be celebrating the sun and its electrifying power whilst blowing out my candles on my Birthday cake.

Happy Litha 🌞🌙

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