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Guiding souls to their next journey

This is the gorgeous Freddie.

We sadly had to say goodbye to him last week. Freddie was my neighbour, Jenny's dog and has been a big part of our life from being a pup. The second he saw our gate open he would pop round for a biscuit.

Freddie suffered with Aortic thromboembolism and after specialist treatment had failed Jenny made the brave and right decision to put him to sleep. She went off to the vets Friday evening to say goodbye and I sent distance healing to him from home. I often help animals and people pass over with distance healing and it is an honour to help. While sending healing to Freddie I felt him pass and shed a tear for my four legged friend.

As with all animals or humans, anytime between 2 days and 3 weeks from passing I get an overwhelming feeling that they are here and Freddie was no different. You see, when they initially pass, they go to a place of rest to adjust to separating from their body. Depending on how ready they were to leave depends on the length of time they are in this place.

So, Tuesday morning I was mid-healing session with a (human) client and Freddie's energy came in really strong. I tried to put it to the back of my mind and almost doubted my intuition as I was working within the energy of my client at the time, but after the healing session we sat and had the usual chat about the healing experience and she said "Weird? A dog appeared during that??" When I asked her to describe the dog.... you know what I'm gonna say!! Good old Freddie had come to tell me he has passed fully.

Between clients I popped round to tell Jenny and as I went out the door there was a single hagstone on my doorstep. I gave it to Jenny and told her Freddie had left her a gift. She was also woken that same morning thinking Freddie had put his paw on her. He is now running free with my 2 Jack Russell's who were his best friends and by no coincidence my old girl Tinker dropped a hag stone at my feet the day before she passed.

It is an emotional but beautiful experience helping souls pass and such an honour that they come and let me know they have fully passed. It was a comfort to Jenny to know I was there to help and has helped her with her grieving process. Run wild and free little man. Always in our hearts (and the biscuit cupboard!)

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