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Good mood walk.

What a perfect morning for walking!

The raindrops still weighed heavy on the foliage, giving it a high gloss which sparkled in the rising sun and enhanced the intricate pattern of the cobwebs. Green, blue and gold where the colours of the day. Evergreen conifers contrasted against the golden fallen broadleaves all wrapped by a stunning blue sky. The conifers were releasing their pine resin aroma which just made my walk a little more gorgeous! Robin's were singing from the treetops in the morning sunshine which changed to a chorus of chattering crossbills as the trees turned evergreen with a gentle call from a charming flock of long tail tits passing by. A large buck was resting in the trees. For such a large beast, he was well camouflaged with just the sunlight hitting his impressive antler giving him away. It was a "good mood walk" where nothing can ruin you mood after a walk through sunny glades and puddle-filled heaths with expansive blue skies. Certainly takes your thoughts away from the crazy world we live in right now.

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