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Finding my creative flow

Updated: Feb 21

After a few days of blocked creative inspiration, I took advantage of a dry day to take a wander at Highcliffe in preparation of Saturdays walk.

The grey, muted day allowed the smaller things to shine. Along the cliffside walk, I couldn't believe the blackthorn was already blossoming

and I spotted the web of the spider mite on the gorse.

The tide was out, and the draw to the shoreline was stronger than my need to reach my destination. The beach was a bustle with activity from dogs having the time of their lives, to people running, walking and bravely swimming! But, it wasn't long before I was mesmerised and hooked into the hypnotic rythmn of the ebb and flow of the waves. The beach no longer felt busy, as I connected to the heartbeat of nature.

And then.... there he was! The kestrel. Back at the beginning of last summer, I had a moment when sitting on a rock at Barton on Sea and a young kestrel landed on the very same rock. We sat together for a good 20 minutes, watching the people and the dogs go about there business, with only a handful of people stopping and noticing the unusual friendship developibg. Everytime I visit the area now he appears, and today was no different. I watched him hover above me for a while and beamed with joy for being in that moment, connected to the motion of the tide, the stillness of the kestrel and tasting the salt on my lips.

As he took off over the cliff, I turned and watched him go unnoticed by everyone else on the beach. Then stood and analysed the layers of sediment in the eroded cliffside for a moment, then out of nowhere inspiration dropped in! When wrapped up in my AHA!! moment I glanced down and there lied a hagstone.

I am now at home, and have been back on the laptop all evening allowing the creative ideas flow once more. With gratitude to nature for giving me the space to free my mind for inspiration, and the hagstone on my desk, is a reminder of that moment of wonder.

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