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Feeling blessed in the New Forest

Everything makes me smile,

On this Lammas where I stand,

Dragonfly on the breeze,

And buttercup in my hand.

I watch the forest unfold,

In the warmth of the day,

Mares sun their backs,

As their foals learn and play.

The bracken gently shimmers,

In the shade and the light,

And the heath thistle is tempting,

To the butterfly in flight.

Cows gentle murmur,

To each other in their herd,

While deer lie in the shade,

Quiet and undisturbed.

Buzzards on the thermals ,

Repeatedly circle and call,

And clouds create images,

That distort then reform.

As I stand in the forest,

In wonder and in awe,

I feel mindfully quiet

And hugely grateful for it all.

By Jen Blaxall 💜

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