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Feel bad for taking time for yourself?

Good Mental health is so important for everything we do in life. Depression and anxiety create boundaries and prevents possibilities of becoming the person we truly want and deserve to be. It starts to switch off our internal radars so we stop listening to our body and our energy, which when we are in balance tells us yes/no, good/bad and instead we are listening to a sad, upset or panicked mind which is either switched off to any outside influence or on high alert!

I say this with complete love and experience. I think we all suffer with mental health issues at some time in our lives and it is important to give some self care. Not just when the clouds are very dark in our minds, but even when the sun is shining it is good to have some time for you. I used to feel guilty or too busy to take a couple of hours for myself, but those reasons were because other people relied on me. How useful was I to them feeling stressed, depressed, anxious and burnt out?

The minute I took a few hours for myself my relationships became happier and more fun, work was less stressful and my mind was no longer using self sabotage to beat me down. I am walking a clearer path through life guided by my switched on internal radars and energy telling me

which path to follow for the next step towards my goals and dreams as if by magic!!

Why not come and have a healing treatment as your "timeout" to rebalance, in a very deep, relaxed state to set you back on your own path, to stand in your own power and reignite those goals and dreams.....

..... as if by magic!!

"REIKI AND RAHANNI | nature and nurture"

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