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Feeding my soul in nature

It's been a busy few weeks with the energy healing work and trying to get the book published, so feel like I haven't been able to get out on the forest as much as my soul needed, but I made up for it today.

It started with meeting a friend for a walk and a chat this morning at Boltons bench. The morning was starting to warm in the bright yellow gorse-flowered landscape absorbed our chatter and carried our woes and laughter away on the morning air before I ventured to Longslade alone... although, alone I never feel amongst nature. The sun had broken through the clouds and the air smelt spring-like in the grazed, undulating landscape where buzzards called and danced on the thermals of the big skies. Dogs in the distance chased and bundled free of cares and warmed my heart as I was reminded of my girls doing exactly that in bygone days who live on in my heart. I enjoyed my lunch in the warmth of the sun listening to the birds as nature is starting to wake from its slumber on this gentle spring day. Then back in the car for walk number 3.

Setley pond was a buzz with remote control boats as I wandered pass to start my walk. Heading past Rosie Lea's teahouse towards Roydon woods my surroundings were rickety stiles and wild hedges which before too long will be alive with blossom and pollinators and the bluebell leaves below are growing in strength beneath the ancient boughs of oaks that dotted my path where violets and celandine already flower. Wild hedges changes to conifers woodland. Unright and organised trees with bare, soft floors. I stood and watched a tree creeper work his way up the tree pushing his long beak into every nook and cranny. Then the landscape changed dramatically again into heavy heather-clad heath and rugged gorse the jacket came off in the warm, still air. I imagined in anticipation what this landscape will offer very soon for ground nesting birds, rare butterflies and basking reptiles while I spotted stonechats and Dartford warblers singing out their territory from the scrub. The rugged heath gently unfolded into grassland where a skylark called from the rays of the sun which bounced off a now quiet (other than a ripple) Setley pond signifying the end of my walk. With 13 miles under my belt today, this last walk is definitely one I should share and maybe become a "bluebell and breakfast" walk later in the spring.

I sit here now sharing my day with you and my cup of tea, feet up ready to sleep well and a satisfied soul! 💜

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1 Comment

Amanda Scott
Amanda Scott
Mar 16, 2022

What a lovely walk and photos!

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