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Evening pub walk

It's a perfect way to start the day! Up with the lark I arrived at the Highcorner inn at 6.30 am to recce tomorrow evening Highcorner inn evening pub walk.

The air was still as I meandered from the pub to Broomy inclosure. I was accompanied by a small herd of mares with their foals as they took to the heathland before the heat of the day.

As we parted ways, I turned into the oak dominant woodland where redstarts dropped to the ground to feed from the strong and stoic boughs, and I was being watched by a roe buck from the trees. He looked mighty handsome in his summer chestnut coat. The sun rose above the trees, and it flooded the woodland with golden light, which bounced off the foxgloves that lined the woodland.

It wasn't long before the woodland changed to dense conifers, which were releasing their sweet smell as they warmed in the sun. A pair of greenfinch were chatting about their days agenda before spotting me and headed off to make a start. Just as I was losing myself amongst the trees, a fox tiptoed across the track ahead and disappeared into the bracken. What a joy to see!

As I continued out onto the heathland, the days heat could already be felt as I squinted to admire the farfetched views. The heather was just starting to flower, and the gorse was full of songs from goldfinches and stonechats.

Two buzzards circled and called in the distance above Hasley Hill. This is a beautiful walk that gently flows from one habitat to the next and it continued to give all the way back to the car as I heard a nightjar give one more call before the fully risen sun while I was accompanied by silver studded blue and brown heath butterflies. Then, I witnessed a low flyby from a red kite.

If you want to come along and spend the evening with us enjoying this beautiful walk finishing with a drink at the pub, there are still a couple of spaces available.

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