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Ego V's Nature

There is a lot of talk of ego, and how we need to get it out of the way when working spiritually, but don't push your ego into the shadow. After all... it helps you survive. It pushes you a little harder to succeed sometimes.... so acknowledge and embrace it and simply ask it to step aside when needed.

But what ego does tend to do sometimes is make us believe we are the intelligent and elite species. Have you ever stopped and thought why we call every other living thing "nature and wildlife?"

When we ask our ego to step aside and realise our place in nature living and stepping back into our wild-life. The ego no longer needs to shout about its presence and how successful it is at keeping you alive, but can sit back and observe as the whole of you learns from the rhythm of the seasons, the offerings of Mother Nature, the behaviour of the roaming animals and how we are all entwined in a beautifully balanced dance of support and survival.

Then ask again....

... whose the intelligent species? 🤔

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