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Deer in the new forest. 

This is who we share most Sunday mornings with when we have our early morning picnic walk. Sundays wouldn't be the same without these fellas and we never take it for granted when we see them. As you can see, sadly one of the bucks has twine tangled in his antler, this is a reminder not to leave bailing twine or electric fencing lying around because of the danger it can cause to these majestic animals.

After casting their antler in April and May they have already grown new ones to a fair size. They only takes 16 weeks to grow! At this moment in time they are covered in a velvet-like coating which they will rub off when it gets closer to rutting season. Fallow deer come in lots of different shades. Chestnut is the most common colour and develops white spots with their summer coat. Menil have the white spots all year round with a tan horseshoe shape round the rump rather than the usual black. Melanistic are black or dark brown all over and leucistic are white or very pale cream which get whiter as they age. (Not to be confused with albino.)

Whatever colour or size, they are always a beautiful sight!

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