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Coat on/Coat off!

I managed to get out today between the showers, it was a coat on/coat off kind of day trying to judge if I'd rather be too warm or too wet!

With the break in the rain and the heavy bubbling clouds the gorse flower was a joy to walk amongst as it was so vivid in colour. It was almost too much to take in, and after the cessation of precipitation the amora was good enough to brighten any dull day as it hit the back of my throat. The big rolling skies were dominated by the sound of larks, chiffchaffs and cuckoos and the sight of circling buzzards, hovering kestrel and swooping swifts and swallows.

Heading down from the high heathland and onto the dis-used railway line the young leaves on the trees along with the grassy verges and mossy mires created a lime green landscape which was dotted with colours from the wildflowers. Blues of bugles and bells and sunshine yellow from marsh marigolds and the odd blossoming crab apple stood out amongst the verdant woodland.

As I stepped back out into the open, puddled landscape I could see ponies up to their hocks grazing the mires as the grey heron observed from the side-lines and fallows could be seen in the distance meandering through the ground nesting sites with care and quietness. I turned and took in a last look and deep breath in this moment of a quickly changing landscape and sky before returning to the car before the imminent rain, which even though is becoming a bit of a drag, gives us the beautiful and vivid landscape we all love and feel connected to.

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