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Carefree grazing

With the stallions now being taken in from the forest, the ponies have a few weeks of taking advantage of the abundance of summer and carefree grazing. The foals are starting to get a little more independent as they find their feet, and the mares can rest and recuperate.

The next few weeks are a window of time that the ponies don't have to be on high alert. Most of the foals are born, hormones are settling with the end of the stallion season, and there are no drifts or hunting this time of year. It is simply about enjoying the serenity of the forest and grazing and browsing the abundant offerings. This is the time the ponies snooze in shades, enjoy a moment of mutual grooming and drink from the babbling brooks while the foals play, learn, and socialise. This is the New Forest Ponies summer holiday if you like?

So, let's enhance their time of rest, bonding, foraging and learning by giving them space, allowing them to live naturally and let them rest from their high alert state before drift season creates the heightened sense once more.

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