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Butterflies in the New Forest.

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Butterfly weather today! 🦋

Not a drop of breeze and the sun regularly pushed it's way through the humid and cloudy atmosphere allowing flutters of colour take flight. As the speckled wood butterflies tumbled amongst the trees in the glades of the ebbing and flowing sun the pollen from the nearby hawthorn floated through the boughs and sparkled as they were drenched by the warm rays creating an effect that could only be imagined in fairytales!

Peacock and red admiral butterflies warmed their wings showing their symmetrical beauty and skippers would go undetected if passed with purpose. Large whites fed on dandelions and brimstones on the last of the bluebells and 2 ringlets were starting their season early locking wings of passion!

Heading to the heathland meadow browns fluttered low across the foliage and once "getting my eye in" the cornflower blue of the little silver studded blues shimmered like gems amongst the dense foliage while orange tips were on the wing.

Butterflies are so important for the environment as they are attracted to the bright colours of flowers and feed on the nectar. The pollen gets carried from flower to flower on their bodies pollinating our flowers and crops.

As well as being a good food source for bats and birds, they are also a good indicator of a healthy ecosystem. Where there are butterflies regularly seen it means there are also other invertebrates using that area. Between them they are great pollinators and pest controllers. So remember those butterfly friendly plants this summer for a healthy, natural garden. 🌺🦋

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